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Quest Solution: A Partner for Partners and Customers

Partnerships can be a tricky thing.  Like any relationship, there must be some give and take; there must be mutual benefit for both sides.  Although each and every partnership is unique, there are a few keys that should be followed in order to ensure your business relationships are successful:

1. A willingness to listen and understand goals, both spoken and unspoken – For any relationship to be successful, listening is key and having common goals is a requirement.  Any time a partnership gets too one-sided in terms of who is in control, that partnership is not healthy.

2. Knowing the strengths each side brings to the table and where extra support can be helpful – Overstepping boundaries is never a good thing, especially if the boundary you are stepping over is something you have little expertise in.  Try to leave the decision making to the most qualified people, but be willing to offer your assistance when it is needed.

3. A desire to let the other party shine, bringing their best capabilities forward, and allowing growth – Partnerships are meant to be symbiotic – meaning that they are beneficial to all involved parties. Doing your best to help your partners succeed will better position them to give you success as well.

That’s not a marriage counseling blurb – that’s good business.

Quest Solution strives to build those types of relationships with our partners and with our customers.  We approach each solution, not just as a method to make sales, but as an opportunity to meet customer and partner goals for mutual success.

At the start of a project, especially the major ones, we’ll map out a Responsibilities Matrix, where each role is identified so no steps are missed and each company in the project knows how they can help.  This is not simply and action list of “to-dos” but an opportunity to ensure each party is clearly defining how they can participate in the mutual success.

This is often more important than it initially sounds.  However, it must be clear who is taking the roles for project management, sales of components (hardware, network and software), services (repair, support, installation, and staging) and defining success criteria.

This is a general approach also to partners.  Some companies specialize in certain aspects, like application development for a specific vertical market.  They may not have the device and network technology expertise, integration, site installation, deployment management, mobile device management, or support capabilities that Quest Solution can bring to the offering.  Other partners have some of these capabilities but are missing just a few.  Sometimes customers will have resources to do some parts of the job themselves.   That means that the partner can do what they do best, and make sure our joint customers have everything they need for a complete deployed and managed solution.

Quest Solution is proud of our extensive services.  We are happy to bring in partners to add more capabilities.  We are excited to help partners use our expertise to enhance their portfolios.  We are happiest when we have repeat customer success and long-term relationships with the partners and customers.  In that way, we become a true partner to the partners and customers.


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