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Why Quest Solution? Long-Term Commitments with Trusted Advisors

Some decisions, like those for short-term goals, can be made quickly; others require much thought and plenty of consideration for the long-term benefits.

When I need to buy a small, inexpensive item, I can go online or visit a local store and make the purchase immediately.  For larger purchases and investments – a house, for example – I conduct a thorough analysis in order to ensure I’m making the best decision.

With the exception of marriage, perhaps the greatest and most important relationships come from jobs.  A bit over a year ago, I decided to search for a new job.  My company and position at the time were both very good, but I wanted a change that would allow me to expand my horizons technically, professionally and personally.

I chose Quest Solution, and there are a variety of reasons why you should choose them as well, at least for your solution needs.

I knew the folks at Quest Solution for many years.  They are trusted in this industry and have earned the respect of peers and competitors.  I knew the company was filled with good people with impressive knowledge, experience, and competence.  The company personality was right for me – large enough to have resources to tackle large jobs, yet small enough to be focused on caring for each customer.

The breadth and depth of their abilities crossed vertical markets, from leadership in transportation and logistics, to retail, warehousing, manufacturing, healthcare and others.   They had all the required components for a successful company:  an experienced and energetic sales team, an outstanding professional services organization, an efficient staging/kitting/support group, a seasoned development group with expertise in the latest platforms, and a strong legacy.

After a whole year of working at Quest Solution, I am still impressed with how well our customers are cared for.  It is a long-term relationship where we are not just resellers; we work extremely hard to earn the role of “trusted advisor.”  We’ve coordinated multi-national deployments, managed networks, developed critical user software in Windows, Android and iOS environments, developed custom integrated hardware platforms with latest technologies, streamlined service and support, and have even been brought in to analyze the overall application architecture used in a client’s daily operations.

The central reason for this success is the people.  Quest Solution isn’t just trying to make a quick buck; we seek to provide a complete solution for a long-term relationship of mutual success.   This has done well for our customers because we keep the relationship for years, and we are often brought in on new projects up-front so we can bring our forward-thinking approach to meld technology trends into operational and financial solutions.

My role, by the way, is to develop our partnerships with key software providers to expand the solutions portfolio.  This means that Quest Solution is always ardently looking for new ways to help our customers, sometimes in ways they don’t expect.

I’m happy with my decision to start a relationship with Quest Solution; we really do have a terrific team in place.  I expect we’ll have many more happy customers, especially as Quest continues to grow.  If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a trusted advisor, you should consider Quest Solution too!


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