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What is the Secret to Providing Better Field Service Support?

For field service organizations, meeting service level agreement (SLA) requirements and delivering excellent support are critical for maintaining customer loyalty and profitability. How do you get there? The key to providing better field service support for both your customers and your technicians is mobility.

Armed with a mobile computer and a real-time wireless connection to the enterprise, your technicians can more effectively complete their work at the point of activity without costly return trips to the depot. By empowering your field technicians with mobile data, you can help them provide better, faster customer service and increase profitability.

With field service management software and mobile computers, you can provide technicians with complete details of every work order, including customer information, equipment service history, trouble ticket details, and other information that will help ensure they arrive on site with all of the information necessary to complete the repair correctly on the first visit.

Mobile technology can improve field service support in a number of ways:

Improved Efficiency: Electronically communicating with technicians and providing them with the ability to document their work will make them more efficient. You can eliminate paperwork and phone calls, along with unnecessary trips to the depot for parts, and more jobs can be completed on first visit. Improved efficiency will also empower technicians to complete more service calls per day.

On-the-Fly Scheduling: With an advanced field service solution, you can know right away if a technician is unable to accept a new work order, or is in danger of being late for the next call because of unexpected complications. Jobs can automatically be re-routed to other available technicians, guaranteeing you can meet all service level agreement (SLA) obligations.

Technical Support: Mobility improves field service support for your employees. If a technician needs assistance or additional information for a repair, they no longer have to make phone calls or consult bulky paper manuals; technical data and diagrams can be accessed via the mobile device. They can also consult with other technicians using their computers, and even share photos or videos of the problem with more experienced colleagues.

Inventory Management: Having the right parts on hand to complete a repair is critical for meeting your service level and first-time-fix goals. Using a mobile device to track on-truck inventory and log new inventory transfers at the depot will give you a real-time view of what parts are available. Technicians can use their mobile computers to order parts or arrange technician-to-technician parts transfers in the field.

Better Management of Third-Party Resources: If you need to outsource some portion of your field support operation based on geography or technician expertise, a mobile field service solution can help you maintain control and visibility over the customer experience. Equipping third-party providers with the same mobile functionality ensures a consistent customer service experience, and provides insight that can help you better measure the performance of technicians.

With a mobile field service management solution, your technicians will arrive on site at the right time with the right parts and knowledge to complete the job. Your customers receive accurate, timely support, which minimizes their downtime and costs. Your technicians can access the information and parts they need to do their jobs effectively. By providing enhanced field service support to your customers and employees, your company can improve customer loyalty and profitability.

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