Food and Beverage Logistics

Quest Solution offers a full suite of hardware and software to the food and beverage logistics industry.

Quest is a respected, reliable and renowned partner to several large companies in the food and beverage logistics industry. Our industry solutions integrate different services and products, and we specialize in food and beverage tracking, traceability, as well as controls and recall management functionalities that ensure the proper compliance.

Complete Food and Beverage Logistics Solutions

Quest works with several manufacturers, supermarkets, convenience stores, warehouses, food processors, wholesalers, and more. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Configurable applications: In our software applications, several features are included, such as tracking of inventory flow and automatic order placing.
  • Mobile computers: Mobile computers can be used in various environments and for several types of applications. We also supply IP-rated, ruggedized mobile computers designed to perform in refrigerated and frozen environments.
  • Barcode scanners: These are frequently used in grocery stores and to assist in food ordering, shelf price audits, meat markdowns, and any other common convenience store application.
  • Vehicle mounted computers: Often used in manufacturing or distribution environments, vehicle mounted computers can be paired with thermal transfer printers and handheld scanners at processing and packing stations.
  • Mobile printers: Mobile printers are vital to manufacturers that utilize product lot, product number, and compliance labeling, as well as to any point in the supply chain that utilizes barcode labels.
  • Barcode labels and tags: These supplies help properly identify inventory as it moves from place to place. Quest offers labels that are ideal for mild environments, as well as more durable labels that are designed to withstand liquids, heat, cold, and other harsh environments.
  • Wireless networks: Mobile scanners and computers would not be able to perform without connection to a wireless network. These networks connect the hardware to the WMS or ERP logistics software used in these environments.

Direct Store Delivery

Quest’s direct store delivery (DSD) solutions combine variations of the above technologies to boost sales and improve efficiency. Inventory management, signature capture, and forecasting capabilities are all extremely important to the food and beverage logistics industry. Specific needs vary greatly depending on the business; manufacturers, supermarkets, and wholesalers all have different processes, and Quest helps provide the ideal solution to optimize your supply chain performance. Mobile computers, tablets, and barcode scanners help sales reps confirm deliveries, scan any returns, analyze inventory, print receipts, and much more – all in real time.

Proof of Delivery

In the food and beverage logistics industry, it is more important than ever to be able to accurately document delivery performance. Utilizing the most cutting edge technology provides tangible benefits for your business, while also ensuring better customer service. Quest’s configurable proof of delivery solutions utilize signature capture, barcode scanning, date/time stamps, and even GPS to help food and beverage companies verify deliveries, produce receipts or invoices, and record the condition of the products. Quest offers customers a complete POD solution, including staging, kitting, and delivery for a variety of rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners, and more.

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