Global Asset Management for Enterprises

Quest Solution and TrackX team up to ensure customers have complete visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Asset management platforms can range from simple check-in/check-out programs, to smart locker dispensing systems, to tracking returnable assets and sophisticated global asset management systems. Quest Solution has products for all levels of asset management and can customize solutions based on customer needs.

For sophisticated systems, a more complete enterprise architecture is required, tying in key capabilities for location tracking, work order processing, movement and more. Quest Solution has partnered with TrackX to provide the right solution platform (software, hardware, services and operations), incorporating technologies such as RFID, GPS, and other sensor-based technologies.

Valuable equipment can easily be misplaced or underused if not tracked carefully. You need to know where equipment is to keep operations moving efficiently. RFID and GPS can be used to accurately track where equipment is, and new IoT technologies can be used to monitor equipment performance, status, and a variety of other environmental factors.

Yard Management

Yard Management

Locating and managing hundreds of trailers (full or empty) on acres of lots and carefully planning operations with dock doors for load/unload is a challenging problem. The same is true for locating thousands of cars at multiple sites. However, the Quest Solution and TrackX combination has successfully accomplished this and more, employing gate RFID readers, location portal readers, handheld readers, and even mobile drive-by roving readers. This provides accurate location of all the cars/trailers along with status and work-order information.

Returnable Assets

Quest Solution has long been involved in returnable assets such as bakery trays. However, there are many other types of returnable assets that can be managed through RFID and IoT. The TrackX GAME (Global Asset Management for Enterprises) platform provides a level of flexibility and sophistication necessary to track and manage these assets among many sites, both within a company enterprise and their customers.

Quest has augmented the TrackX platform through their many services:

  • Hardware determination and integration
  • Network and RFID/IoT infrastructure design
  • Site assessments, for physical and operational requirements
  • Staging and kitting of solution components
  • Site installation, configuration, commissioning and validation
  • Mobile device management
  • Software configuration