Order Entry Software

Remote workers demand rapid access to information and up-to-date data to facilitate and streamline their job functions in the field.

Quest Order Entry running on a portable device can end the “blind order” aspect of current systems by providing the much needed information to the mobile worker. The quality of information exchanged between your field associates and corporate office determines the efficiency of your process. Order Entry dramatically increases the speed and accuracy of sales orders and field-gathered information. Order Entry allows two-way communication with your field personnel as sales orders are sent in, customer and pricing information is updated on the handheld device. Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of faxing or phoning in orders with legacy equipment. And speaking of legacy equipment, we can migrate most users of acoustic devices to these new devices using our proven communication products such as WTMip.

Order Entry Features

  • Password protection
  • Date and time stamps on transactions
  • Signature capture
  • Receipt printing
  • Ability to lock user into program
  • Enter data in multiple ways: Scanning, keypad entry, drop down menus, touch screen, and full-screen pop-up keyboard that can be used without a stylus
  • Supports look-up validation for customer and product numbers

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