Motorola MC1000 - Worldwide Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

High-value mobile computing fuels enterprise mobility

In one simple package combining data entry and bar code scanning capabilities, the rugged MC1000 mobile computer from Motorola meets your budget and the demands of your environment, whether light industrial, retail, logistical, warehousing or distribution centers. With the MC1000, you'll be able to capture data more efficiently and accurately - and deliver the right product at the right time to the right customer. You'll protect your investment in mobile computing with an open standards-based architecture, gaining access to a large software developer community. And you'll lay the foundation for an advanced mobile data capture and management solution that will grow with you as your needs evolve.

Adapt quickly with a standards-based platform
Over time, your business needs evolve - and the technology you invest in should evolve too. Based on the Microsoft Windows CE platform, the MC1000 gives you both standards-based flexibility and long-term adaptability. The MC1000 enables you to rapidly develop and deploy applications that deliver more value for less cost over longer periods of time - whether you need to port applications developed with Microsoft Windows Embedded development tools or develop new applications using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools. And, you will no longer be tied to a specific proprietary operating system or development tool.

Increase uptime with rugged yet easy-to-use design
Motorola designs products to complement the way people work. You'll find the MC1000 is easy to learn and easy to use. Your users will get up to speed quickly - and work faster - using a familiar graphical interface. It's small and light weight, so it's easy to carry and operate comfortably with one hand, even over an extended full-day shift. If the power runs down, you can easily switch from rechargeable to alkaline batteries - without the need to carry extra tools or adapters. And the MC1000 has the rugged design to survive unintentional drops and exposure to water and dust, without risking downtime from hardware damage.

Work faster and smarter with affordable, high-performance capabilities
Ideal for batch applications requiring speed and accuracy, the MC1000 includes a fast Intel XScale processor, 32MB of RAM memory and 64MB of ROM memory. You'll notice improved data entry accuracy as the MC1000's simplified large keypad design and high-quality one-dimensional (1D) linear laser scanner replace manual processes.

At the end of a shift, workers simply place the unit in its cradle to synchronize and transfer data to a host system via USB or RS-232 connection. And if you require wireless capability or greater storage capacity, a Secure Digital (SD) card slot lets you quickly adapt the unit to your needs.

Eliminate worries with a full suite of services and support
Even the most rugged products need a support plan. That's why Motorola covers every aspect of your mobility solution - from network design to ongoing operations - providing unsurpassed breadth and depth of coverage to ensure all of your services and support needs are met. Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services offers:

  • Professional planning, assessment and implementation services, forming the foundation of a successful solution.
  • A global team with unrivaled industry and product expertise focused on Motorola product support.
  • Responsive customer services, ensuring your solution operates seamlessly and efficiently.

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Lightweight and slim form factor
Increases end-user satisfaction and productivity with a comfortable, easy-to-use design

High-quality 1D laser scanner
Captures data accurately to improve productivity and operating efficiency

Microsoft Windows CE 5.0
Offers an open, flexible platform for faster and easier application development and porting

User-accessible SD card slot
Offers flexibility to expand storage volume or connect wirelessly

Rugged design for light industrial use
Enhances product lifecycle with less downtime

High-speed Intel XScale processor
Delivers fast performance and processing power for enterprise-level applications

Supplies ample storage capacity for applications and data

240 x 240 resolution/ 2.2-in. monochrome display
Improves productivity with the highest resolution display in this product class

Simplified large keypad design
Allows gloved operation and accurate data entry

USB 1.1 client
Shortens transfer time for terminal/host data exchange

Flexible power source
Permits end user to choose between AAA (included) or Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, and to change power sources as necessary

Device management with Mobility Services Platform (MSP)
Reduces total cost of ownership with accelerated rollout and centralized visibility into mobile devices and applications


Motorola MC1000 - Digital Assistant