OMNIQ’s Machine Vision Vehicle Recognition Solution Selected for Security and Parking Management at Large Macau Casino
December 19, 2019
Omniq welcomes our HTS LPR team to our Salt Lake City offices for a great FY 2020 kickoff!
January 10, 2020

OMNIQ, Via its HTS Division Has Now Deployed Their Mobile License Plate Inventory (MLPI) Solution at Over Fifteen Airports

Airports are the most demanding and challenging parking application for LPR as they require high accuracy, quick read rates and recognition of license plates from all 50 states at the same location to provide reliable services to their parking customer. HTS LPR solutions delivers this experience!

HTS MLPI systems are now in operation at over a fifteen airports with more than two dozen vehicles on patrol most every day to provide world-class customer service for passengers who have lost their tickets or misplaced their parked cars and assist airports and operators in the control and management of their parking inventory assets.

See our MLPI in Action in this short video –>

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