Professional IT Services

Back your hardware and software with services that ensure you get the most out of your investment

A successful mobility solution requires more than just mobile hardware — Quest Solution offers a full range of professional IT services in field and supply chain mobility, including consulting, design and deployment services. Once a project is completed, we also provide a variety of turn-key managed services that can help keep the solution running effectively and efficiently for years to come.

Quest Solution can help you select the right mobile hardware and software for your deployment, organize employee training, design and deploy a wireless infrastructure, manage your mobile hardware, and provide repair and support services —  all the professional IT services you need to put an effective mobile solution together and make it work for your enterprise.

Professional IT Services that Maintain and Optimize Your Supply Chain and Mobility Solutions

Our team of experienced consulting and integration professional can provide professional IT services including:

  • IT Project Management: Quest Solution can take a new mobility project from the planning phase through deployment and support.
  • Mobility Assessments: Which applications will benefit from mobility, and what type of technology is the best fit for your company? Quest Solution can help you arrive at an optimal solution.
  • Wireless Site Surveys: Part of our mobility assessment and planning service, a wireless site survey will ensure that your WLAN provides the right coverage and data throughput by identifying optimal locations for access points.
  • Wireless Networking: Quest Solution can design and deploy a complete wireless LAN solution including access points, routers, gateways, firewalls, and the security features you need to protect your network and data.
  • Onsite System Integration Testing: Before you go live, Quest Solution will thoroughly test the solution to ensure optimal performance.
  • System and User Documentation: We compile and provide full solution documentation so that IT staff, managers, and end users will have all of the information they need to use the new system.
  • Custom Training and Compliance: Quest Solution will deliver custom training materials and certification programs. Quest Solution also helps guarantee compliance through documentation and the use of custom software deployments mobile device management (MDM) software to monitor usage.
  • Deployment: Quest Solution can develop and manage pilot projects, stage and kit all hardware, integrate and deploy the solution, and manage spares and parts pools.
  • Hardware Repair: Even the most durable mobile devices will eventually require maintenance. Quest Solution offers flexible service and support contracts that include ongoing maintenance, repair history visibility, rapid replacement and depot repair.

Contact us to learn more about how professional IT services from Quest Solution can augment your in-house capabilities and keep your mobility and supply chain solutions running efficiently.