Mobile and Handheld

SeePatrol Handheld License Plate Inventory and Enforcement Platform
The optimal handheld solution for license plate inventory of parking facilities.

Mobile and Handheld LPR systems are used in various installations, such as managing inventory in airport parkings.


SeeMobile is the innovative MLPI (Mobile License Plate Inventory) system from HTS, the industry leader in license plate recognition. With its ability to manage parking facilities of any size, SeeMobile offers a complete solution – from collection to recognition to reporting.

As the patrol vehicle traverses a pre-defined route through the facility, imaging units capture and store license plates, matching against hot lists of vehicles of interest, and then syncing the information to the central SeeControl server – which is easily accessed for reporting purposes.


SeePatrol is the innovative, handheld MLPI (Mobile License Plate Inventory) system from HTS, the industry leader in license plate recognition. Designed for ease of use, speed of capture and accuracy of LPR data within parking facilities, the SeePatrol solution combines outstanding collection, recognition, and reporting capabilities.

With SeePatrol, the parking enforcement officer works lot, row and spot, capturing license plate images, which are processed for recognition on the fly. The plate numbers are matched against hot-listed vehicles of interest, and are then uploaded to the central SeeControl server –which is easily accessed for reporting purposes. This helps eliminate customer parking fraud from lost tickets and ticket switching, and provides a valuable customer service by identifying the location of lost or misplaced vehicles.

Designed specifically for mobile patrols, SeePatrol lets you inventory, manage and enforce parking spots throughout your facility. SeePatrol integrates easily with HTS’s SeeMobile LPI and fixed LPR platform, providing a total LPI management solution for large facilities.

SeePatrol is a comprehensive inventory system that provides all the data you need to efficiently manage your parking assets:

  • Locate lost vehicles
  • Identify vehicle overstays
  • Monitor vehicle movement between spaces
  • Provide updated inventory counts by location –garage, lot, floor, row and spot
  • Sync collected data with the central repository for effortless hot list and inventory management