Wireless Site Survey

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A wireless site survey is an important and critical first step in designing a wireless network for reliability and security.

There are a number of pitfalls to avoid when deploying a wireless network. Having too few or too many access points or the wrong antenna configuration can lead to frequent signal drops, sluggish response, application lockups, and unexplained anomalies.

A wireless site survey conducted during the mobile assessment/planning phase of your project can help you avoid those issues. During a site survey, a omniQ engineer with more than a decade of experience with wireless technology will measure and analyze your facility to determine the optimal location and quantities of access points required to ensure 100% radio coverage.

Our engineer takes a number of variables into consideration — such as distance to the computer room, potential environmental interference, and seasonal changes in your floor plan. The survey results in detailed specifications, with recommendations for optimizing your wireless network with specific equipment models, antenna technologies, access point placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements for the facility.

Wireless Networks Beyond WiFi

Mobility means more than WiFi, in-door coverage these days. It expands to outside the four walls and onto the streets from location to locations.

omniQ will work with you to determine the types of data coverage and bandwidth that’s necessary for the efficient use of data all along your work path. That includes:

  • Determining mobile Wide Area data plans, with bundling to support flexible data sharing
  • Adaptive logic to provide the best connection (Wide Area and/or WiFi)
  • Configuration of GPS

Also, as RFID and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are used in your environment, we design and develop the right infrastructure, for the right level of level and real-time reporting that you need.

We Do More Than Sell Hardware

We Believe in the Full Solution

omniQ understands what’s riding on your investment in mobile technology. It’s more than a convenience: it’s necessary to your competitiveness and your productivity. A wireless site assessment is a valuable tool to help ensure your mobile deployment works efficiently and provides you with the benefits and ROI you are counting on.

We provide state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, but we know it takes more to provide you with a total solution that’s truly valuable to your organization. We offer a full suite of services that ensure your technology investment is optimized:

  • Wireless site survey
  • Solution testing and validation, moving to pilot installation.
  • Pilot implementation, including test period, and evaluation of feedback.
  • Rollout of solution to all enterprise sites, accounting for issues resolution, resource availability, as aligned with scope of work.

Partnering with omniQ means you have a partner invested in optimizing your systems as well as the value they provide to your business. Contact us to learn more.